Antique Kitchen Cabinets Decor

Oct 25th
White Antique Kitchen Cabinets
White Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Antique kitchen cabinets – those restless friends who do not separate from us for as long as the years go by. And although every time we see them we seem older . And we like them less. They resist to abandon and delight us every day With their presence at times emaciated. Old, chipped, worn, scratched, that makes us feel a terrible desire to get rid of them and renew them for new ones. But of course, as they know that we are in a time of crisis and that we are not going to change them As well as if nothing.

But meanwhile, while you wait to be able to change the furniture and antique kitchen cabinets. They can (like everything) renovate, decorate, restore and of course decorate, so you consider giving them a second chance. We do not like them as they are their shapes, their color, their structure, etc.

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We can restore antique kitchen cabinets. With varnish, sandpaper and putty for wood we can give them a fresh look, almost new, for very little money. If we want to change the color of the furniture, we replace the varnish with synthetic enamel of the color we like and with a pair of enamel hands, we will have totally different furniture, and the change in the kitchen will be radical.

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