Beneficial Health Neck Traction Pillow

Jan 17th
Neck Traction Pillow Guide
Neck Traction Pillow Guide

Neck traction pillow – Neck traction is a form of physical therapy that helps relieve neck pain by gently stretching the cervical spine. Doctors, therapists and chiropractors often use traction to relieve neck pain. But it is also possible that patients do some neck traction at home. Health professionals perform traction using a mechanical device that gradually opens up to the spaces between the cervical vertebrae. This will relieve the pressure on the discs of the spine and relieve the pain. Some therapists use intermittent traction; the device is pull and then rest.

Neck traction pillow can be done manually by chiropractor standing or a therapist behind the patient. And also gently pulling on the patient’s head. Over-the-door traction is a popular form of home traction. The patient puts a type of harness on his neck. The other end of the harness hangs over the door and also has weights or water bags. The weights gradually extend the neck.

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Air neck traction pillow is another form of home therapy. The patient places the air pull equipment around his neck and is slowly inflated with a hand pump. As the pressure gradually increases, the patient slowly extends the neck. It is crucial to seek medical advice before doing traction at home. If not done correctly, home traction can actually make the neck problem worse.

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