Best Modern Bifold Closet Doors

Jul 26th
Ideas Modern Bifold Closet Doors
Ideas Modern Bifold Closet Doors

Modern bifold closet doors serve as a functional closet door option because the doors open completely to facilitate access to all items in the closet. Although functional, folding doors are not always attractive or docking to the rest of the room decor. Changes to the door give them a particular face lift to create a completely new look. You can save money by making changes to your existing doors by getting the look of a new door. Choose upgrades and finishes based on the other decoration of the room.

Painting on the existing finish in the modern bifold closet doors. The sand and dust by the doors first so that the paint is able to stick better. Removing cabinet doors and fixing them on a flat surface before painting reduces the number of drips. Apply wallpaper on the flat parts of the folding doors. Use regular wallpaper paste to adhere it. Paint on the wallpaper with a transparent sealer to protect it.

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Cut the recessed panel area if the modern bifold closet doors have one. Attach a piece of glass, mirror, aluminum flicker or cloth to the back of the door to cover the opening. Make an inlay of quilted fabric for the recessed areas if you do not want to cut it out. Cut a half-inch piece of foam the same size as the recessed area. Warm cotton stuffing glue to the foam and covered with a piece of cloth, pulling the material tight and connecting it to the back of the foam. Attach the fabric panel with a hot glue gun or construction adhesive.

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