Build Custom Closet Organizers

Jul 17th
Popular Custom Closet Organizers
Popular Custom Closet Organizers

Custom closet organizers – Your closet is a mess and you cannot find what you’re looking for. It’s time to get organized and what better way than to build your own closet organizer. Closet organizers can consist of some simple shelves or include a structure that is a bit more complicated, with rods of different levels and drawers. With the right tools, do-it-yourself home can create a custom organizer that will have the messy wardrobe cleaned in no time.

Ideas for build custom closet organizers measure the side and rear walls. Using one-of-3 timber cut the shelves for the rear and side walls. Cut the backrest 1 2/1 inches shorter than the measurement of the back of the wall. Cut two side supports equal to the sidewall measurement. Cut another set of shelf support in the same way for the bottom shelf. Look up the wall rails and nail the top shelf supports in the wall at 84 inches from the floor, using 8d surface nails. Attach the bottom shelf support the same way to 76 inches from the floor.

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Then for custom closet organizers, cut two pieces, measuring 12 inches wide and 76 inches long – of 3/4 inch plywood, using a circular saw. Cut six 12-inch square pieces of plywood to form the inner shelves of the central unit. Cut another two pieces from 3/4 inch plywood that measures 12 inches of width on your wardrobe, to form the shelves placed on the upper and lower supports. Space the 12-inch square shelves evenly within the central unit and securely in place with 6d surface nails. Do not attach shelves to the top or bottom of this central unit. Place finished central unit in the wardrobe against the bottom shelf support. Place the second long piece of plywood on the top shelf support and secure in place with 6d surface nails. Install hanging rods below the lower shelf on either side of the central shelf unit.

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