Cleaning Pink Shag Rug

Aug 17th
Sweet Pink Shag Rug
Sweet Pink Shag Rug

 Pink shag rug is usually very beautiful and enhances the appearance and decor of any room, but it is also usually difficult to maintain and clean properly. The shag is created from looped piles of fibers, with various combinations of length and density. Thick, dense shag is a perfect repository for grit and grime, and is also a perfect hiding and breeding place for those microbes and creeping crawling critters that is often tracked into our homes on the bottom of our shoes.

It is also easier for dirt and soils and any other kind of stain to build up on the long fibers and eventually migrate down to the pink shag rug backing. It is therefore essential that shag carpet should be vacuumed often, and cleaned regularly. Be careful with the vacuuming though. Some types of household vacuum cleaners could snag the long fibers and cause the rug to get torn. Always follow the rug manufacturer’s recommendation about the type of vacuum cleaner that may be used on your rug or you could void the warranty. Periodic, light, maintenance cleaning should be done two to four times per year, depending on the traffic in your home, but deep cleaning must be done at least once per year, even if the rug appears to be clean. This is not only for health reasons, but also to preserve the life of the carpet, since abrasive dirt particles residing among the carpet fibers could lead to excessive wear over time.

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Household vacuums are not powerful enough to lift all the detritus from the bottom of the pink shag rug pile, so for proper deep cleaning, you will need to call in a professional who will use a powerful truck mounted vacuum system. A good professional rug cleaner will have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to do a competent cleaning job on your shag carpet. The rug must first be vacuumed thoroughly, and then raked with a carpet groomer. Incidentally, if you have shag carpet in your home, it is advisable that you also have a carpet groomer, to rake your rug each time before you vacuum. You will be amazed at what you might see coming up out of your rug . You may find a groomer at any good janitorial supply store.

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