Find Out Advantages Leg Wedge Pillow

Dec 18th
Medical Leg Wedge Pillow
Medical Leg Wedge Pillow

Leg wedge pillow – The pillow is a very important element to ensure rest in your home, while you sleep or take a nap. To do this, make sure you get one that is both soft and solid, that maintains comfort and adapts to your body properly. For sleeping, everyone has their tastes.  Sleeping with a pillow or cushion between the legs relieves pressure on the hips and lower back, plus it is a useful tool for those people who require extra support for their spine.

Rest is one of the most important needs for maintaining health. In particular, in this time in which we are subject to continuous physical and mental stress. Daily movement and work pressure can lead to serious posture problems. It is well know that good posture is important. But few attend to the fact that posture is not limit to activities that are done standing or sitting. For a correct sleeping posture you should take into account the mattress and leg wedge pillow that are use.

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Sleeping upside down generates pressure on the back, because the spine completely comes out of its natural position. A leg wedge pillow under the abdomen and pelvis will help to keep it aligned better. The drawback is when you sleep on your side. The weight of the leg above will break the alignment of the spine. At the same time it increases pressure on the hips and lower back.

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