Homemade Closet Room Divider

Oct 12th
Vintage Closet Room Divider
Vintage Closet Room Divider

Closet room divider can be used to visually separate spaces, define rooms or create privacy in shared spaces and spaces. There are a number of options for making your own divider home-based rooms depending on space, your skills and your needs. You can reuse furniture to use as a divider, curtain sew and divide fabric or build temporary walls as space divider

You need:

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Repurposed dividers

Customizing and reuse furniture and architectural elements is an excellent option for a home-made room divider. Bookshelves are ideal. Consider buying multiple closet room dividers and finishing up 1/4 inch plywood. Leave some of the shelves available on one side and some on the other. Paint or color plywood. If you have enough space, bookshelves back to back so much storage on both sides. French doors can be mounted to tracks or wheels to create an elegant and beautiful divider. Apply the wallpaper or handmade paper on the glass for privacy if desired. Wearing or new doors can also be hung together with heavy hinges to form a DIY screen space compartment.

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Wood room divider

You can build your own closet room dividers with deliveries from your local hardware store. Paint or finish large plywood boards, hang with child-door-style hardware. These can titillate into a casual or modern look. Use onboard wood to expand a wall-stud-style frame, cover with plaster or lightweight fiberboard. Add support, wheel or secure to the floor as desired to build a DIY room divider. If you do not need a permanent divider, mount consider painted or walled plywood boards on chains to form a visual barrier.

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