How to Care Gold Shag Rug

Jul 12th
Spectrum Gold Shag Rug
Spectrum Gold Shag Rug

Gold shag rug contain pile longer than other types of carpets. When cleaning, it is important not to use tools that can get caught in the pile. Shag carpets are typically made of cotton, wool or synthetic fiber. The type of fibers will dictate whether you can wash it at home or a professional cleaning is required. In between cleanings you can implement routine methods that will keep your shag mat looking its best


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Gently roll up the top gold shag rug and take it outdoors. Pick it up with one end and shake it to remove dust or rubbish rest in the pile. Vacuum the mat with an upright vacuum that has a whisk bar installed. A whisk bar, also known as a roll brush or brush bar, is a rotating bar of brushes that agitates the carpet. As it agitates, it emits dirt and allows suction in vacuum to remove it. Back the carpet on the floor and pull a small pitch through the pile to restore its fluffiness.

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Place the gold shag rug in a washing machine and switch the machine on a cool, gentle bike. Add 1/4 cup mild detergent to the washing machine. Allow the laundry program to complete. Remove the carpet and air dry in direct sunlight. Vacuum or rip the carpet when it is completely dry to reset the pile.

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