How To Clean Patio Door Handles

Sep 11th
Unique Patio Door Handles
Unique Patio Door Handles

For most people, cleaning of the patio door handles means taking a wet or dry cloth and brushing it across the surface of the patio door handle and then moving on to some other chore. But your patio door handles deserve much more care than this. Here’s a step-by-step look at what you need to do for cleaning patio door handles: The first thing you need to do is remove those door handles from the patio door. You will probably need a screwdriver to accomplish this job, but it should be relatively easy once you have the right tool. Just make sure to keep tabs on the screws that you took out of the door knobs so you can put them back when it’s time to reassemble.

Now it’s time to do a deep cleaning. Usually when you clean the patio door handles on the door you just work with a quick wipe of the surface, but with them removed from the door and in your hand it will be much easier to really clean all the curves and areas of the handles to make sure they are completely clean all the way around. In addition to being on the handles, some dirt and germs can be hiding in the area where the handle connects to the door. You may have noticed this in the form of a ring of dirt or grime right around where your handles were connected to the door. It’s time for a good cleaning of the door.

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Now that you have your patio door handles off of the door, this is a great time to make sure they are in good working order and make any repairs. Often parts of handles get a little loose or wobbly over time. Often this doesn’t take much more than looking at the small hardware pieces that are used in the making of the handle and seeing if things need to be tightened up. If some of the screws or connectors have been stripped or bent with time you may want to replace them. Once the cleaning and repair is done, it’s time to put things back how you found them. Reattach those handles and enjoy doors that are as clean as new!

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