How to Create the Pooja Prayer Closet

Jul 10th
Prayer Closet Verses
Prayer Closet Verses

A Pooja prayer closet, also known as a puja room or altar in Hindu tradition, is the center of the house. It can be as simple as a dedicated corner shelf or as elaborate as a mini-temple set in a room in the house, but its purpose is to provide a focal point for the daily worship of the sacred deities of that home. Bids are better located in the northeast corner of the house, a favorable address. The prayers should be offered east or west, so the location of the altar is important in space.

Look for the Pooja prayer closet away from the bathroom and on the ground floor, not in the basement. Painting the walls of a light, soothing the shadow like old white, soft corn or blue, or pink blush. The floor can be left uncovered or upholstered with seaweed and hand-woven Indian carpets, or low-pile carpet from wall to wall.

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Set up an altar for the statues or murtis of the gods and goddesses in the east or west zones of the space, preferably on a wooden platform. As each Hindu in the family may be dedicated to a different deity, there may be more than one altar in the room. The statues of the gods must not face each other directly and no more than one murti of the same god should be placed in a Pooja prayer closet.

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