How to Make Shag Runner Rug

Aug 13th
Wonderful Shag Runner Rug
Wonderful Shag Runner Rug

Shag runner rug is coveted for their comfortable, plush feel and fun, retro 1970s look. As a cheap, meditative craft project, you can make your own shag blanket with yarn or cut jeans, clothes or rags. Depending on your taste, you can make a large monochrome rug or blanket designed in a pattern or shape. Cut a carpet-making net to the desired size and shape, using a knife or scissors. You can find carpeting networks on crafts and fabric stores.

Color a design or pattern online using permanent markers. If you plan to make a monochrome shag runner rug. Cut rags into 5-inch long strips half as wide as each square in the shag runner rug netting, or cut thick pieces of yarn into 5-inch long strips. The number of strips required will vary depending on your specific mesh size and netting area. For best results, cut about 100 strips to start with and cut more as you need them.

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Making shag runner rug, pull a strip through the eye of a lock hook tool and double fabric over as if you were threading a needle. Feed the fabric through the top of blanket netting square, around one edge of the square and up through the next square. Use the hook on the locking tool to grab the two free ends of the fabric and pull them through the fabric loop to make a tight knot. If you have colored patterns online, use strips of fabric that match the color of their corresponding spaces.

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