How To Organize And Tidying Up Sisters Closet

Jun 19th
Style Sisters Closet
Style Sisters Closet

Organize and tidying up the sisters closet is one of the many useful activities we can do for good, this the steps we need to do. Take all the clothes out of the closet, including shoes and everything on shelves and on the floor. This may take a while but everything must come out. Clean the inside of the closet. Vacuum and dust the woodwork and floors and clean the shelves and walls. Get rid of those cobwebs as everyone has cobwebs. If your closet is looking dingy and not bright, give it a quick coat of cheap white paint. A little bit of paint really makes a big difference.

Really look at everything you just took out and see just how much stuff was in sisters closet. Purging is good for the soul. Determine which items you right away know for sure you do not want anymore. Bag those up immediately, whether they are going to be donated or thrown away. Always have several trash bags available. Start a donation bag and a trash bag. An easy way to get rid of clothes is to ask yourself and your sister, does it still fit? Will you and sister ever wear it again? Does it go with anything else you have? Does it make you feel good when you and sister wear it? If you and sister answer NO then place it in one of your bags to go.

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If you find that maybe some things in sisters closet have an emotional meaning to you like someone special gave it to you as a gift, or it was your mom’s or friends or sister’s etc. You know you will not wear it but cannot bear to give it away then pack it up in a bin that can be stored away in your shed or garage. Shoe and bags and things on the shelves. Go through each thing, try the shoes on, look at the bags and really think about whether you need them or even will use them. Again, place unwanted items in one of your bags to go.

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