Ideas for Mounting Bypass Closet Doors

Nov 26th
Maple Bypass Closet Doors
Maple Bypass Closet Doors

Bypass closet doors two separate door panels that slide past each other, rather than swinging open or fold like other door types. The door panels use an overhead rail to slide open and close, keeping a floor guide for the doors to heel. Mount Bypass Closet Doors on cabinets to create an easy entry, especially when space is a consideration and you do not have the space for a swinging door.

Mounting bypass closet doors, Measure two centimeters from each edge on top of the door. Install a wheel at these points on the door edge. Use a drilling machine in order to mount the wheels with a screw. Repeat for the second door panel. Lift one door panel, so that the wheels on the top to move up in the inner channel of the overhead track. Move the top of the front door and hang the door wheels on the track. Lift and hang the second door panel on the outer channel of the overhead track. Hang the net, the top of the door pull up and forward so that the wheels hanging in the overhead conveyor.

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Slide both bypass closet doors to the side jambs, to ensure that they slide smoothly and hang evenly. Turn the adjusting nut on the door wheels, with a key, and increase or decrease the door angle so that the doors hang evenly, if necessary. Place the guide rail on the floor, in the middle under the hanging doors. Rotate to increase the adjusting nut on the door wheels or decrease of the doors so that the door bottoms riding on the top of the guide rail. Install a screw by mounting the hole in the guide rail on the floor, with the aid of a drilling machine.

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