Ikea Algot Closet For Small Rooms

Oct 10th
Wide Ikea Algot Closet
Wide Ikea Algot Closet

Ikea algot closet – Chances are if you have a small bedroom, your wardrobe is not that big either, and the space is a problem. The key to the closet organization when you do not have much space is to utilize each inch of both horizontal and vertical space with several hooks, shelves, cubby holes and rods.


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Poster to eye height and lower is easier to pick up day by day. Invest in shelves and marked baskets to store these items. Turn out the baskets of the seasons change; change a basket full of heavy sweaters in the fall and winter for a basket of linen this summer. Make the most of your ikea algot closet by installing multiple rods at different levels. For example, install a low bar and a high bar. The lower bar can handle your pants and skirts and the top bar can handle your tops. If your closet happens to be long, install a third bar above the other two and keep clothes out of season or rarely wear it.

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Install several hooks along the vertical spaces in your ikea algot closet to organize smaller items. Use the sides of the wardrobe for the hooks so that you do not use space that could easily work for shelves. Also consider installing hooks on the back of the door if they do not bifold or pocket doors.

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