LED Tech Lighting Pendants

Dec 9th
Wonderful Tech Lighting Pendants
Wonderful Tech Lighting Pendants

LED Tech Lighting Pendants – The great development experienced by the (Solid State Lighting) (Light Emitting Diode) SSL technology, and especially the high power LED as a light source for use in luminaries for exterior lighting, has led to the appearance on the market products that implement this technology to replace conventional lighting. These innovations can bring great benefits if it is found that it is facilities more energy efficient lighting and reducing maintenance costs depending on their durability.

in terms of own LED tech lighting pendants is important to note that the parameters provided by the manufacturers of LED (emitting diode itself) are not applicable to the operation thereof once incorporated into a luminaries, as they vary during their period of operation depending on the specific design of it . Fundamentally it is because manufacturers characterize their LED diode under nominal conditions, which differ from the actual operating conditions in the fixture. For this reason, manufacturers of LED lights provide a clear, concise, realistic and standardized, features and technical parameters of its luminaries, enabling comparison between products from different manufacturers. Definitions the basic characteristics of the elements of this type of facilities are:

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LED tech lighting pendants it is understood LED light source (Light Emitting Diode) as a diode composed of the superposition of several layers of semiconductor material that emits light in one or more wavelengths (colors) when polarized correctly. A diode is a device that allows the passage of current in one direction and its associated electrical circuit is encapsulated in a plastic housing, epoxy resin or ceramic according to different technologies.

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