Making Personalized Dog Pillow

Nov 30th
Personalized Dog Pillow Twin
Personalized Dog Pillow Twin

Personalized dog pillow are wonderfully comfortable for dogs alike, but the seat cushion can wear out long before the chair does. To buy a new pillow can be expensive, but it is not difficult to make your own.


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Cut out two round pieces of decorator fabric using your existing personalized dog pillow as a guide diameter of the circle. Add 1 1/2 inches to give yourself room to sew around the edges. Place the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides together. The right side is the side that you see when you are done with personalized dog pillow. Remove the pins before sewing needle runs over them to prevent breaking the needle. Turn the pillow case right out of the opening you left.

Place the lid on the floor. Each personalized dog pillow will make two triangles. Arrange the wedges so they butt up against each other. Continue to cut and add wedges until you have covered the entire surface of the pillow with pillow wedges. Stuff the pillow wedges into personalized dog pillow covers in the same order you placed them on the cover.

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Sew around the perimeter of the pad about 1 cm from the edge to catch pillow wedges and hold them in place. Sew a 6-inch diameter circle in the center of the pillow to keep the pointed ends of the wedges in place.  Hand sewing buttons on the pad at different places for decoration. Place a button on one side of the cover and a second button exactly opposite it on the other side. Then repeat with the help of the other holes in the button.

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