Making Wood Closet Systems

Nov 21st
Custom Wood Closet Systems
Custom Wood Closet Systems

Wood closet systems – Organize the closet is key to maintaining orderly clothes and storage. Planning use of oak wood to make shelves is important and requires careful measurements and an inventory of the items stored. A standard 6-foot wardrobe has hanging space bars and multiple shelves to make a dream closet organizer oak. Smaller cabinets also have enough space for petite shelves stacked next to a pair of rods hanging.

Wood closet systems, measure the height, depth and width of the cabinet with a tape measure. For a standard 6 foot closet 6 1/2 feet wide, 7 1/2 feet high and 24 inches deep use a 1inch by 10 inch by 6 ½ foot table oak five 1 inch by 22 inch by 3foot oak planks. To make pieces 22 inches wide, which will be the shelves, use three 1 inch by 6 inch by 3 foot boards and one 1 inch by 4 inch by 3 foot board. Connect lugged January 2 for 1 by 20 inches across the bottom of the four panels, drilled two inches from each end with screws 1 1/2-inch on each board.

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Wood closet systems to make a central board 22 inches wide, connects three 1 inch by 6 inch by 7 foot oak planks and one 1 inch by 4 inch by 7 foot board with two 1 by 1 for  20 inch slats drilled two meters below the top and four points at intervals of 1 foot perpendicular on one side of the four boards with screws 1 1/2-inch.

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