How to Organize Shoes in Closet

Dec 24th
How to Organize Shoes in Closet Women
How to Organize Shoes in Closet Women

How to organize shoes in closet? Are you wondering how in world you are going to organize all these shoes? We have different shoes for different occasions, seasons, special clothing, and even our mood. Average person in their twenties takes about fifteen pairs of shoes.

How to organize shoes in closet with box? Not just so you can keep them in good shape, but as a shoe mountain in bottom of your closet can be a big problem. Boxes: most popular option for storing shoes today is to put them in clear plastic boxes. These boxes are really cheap, around dollars each, and can last a lifetime. Choose ones that are clear enough for you to see what’s inside. Stackable best and you can put them almost anywhere.

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If you prefer not clear, label boxes with photos or other tags so that you can keep track of your shoes. Cubby system: Small, cubby hole-style shelves are very useful for storing shoes. You can add them to front corners of your closet, on floor, everywhere where you have some space. Vary size of openings so that you can fit boots, tennis shoes, flip flops and slippers inside.

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How to organize shoes in closet with hanger? When shoes are organized, you can move on to rest of closet. Because shoes make up a lot of biggest part of your wardrobe, get them organized first is a good idea. Then you can use high quality hangers, wood hangers or other high-end clothes hangers, to finish out your closet. You will be surprised at how uniform and tidy your wardrobe will look with only a few matching hangers and a good shoe organizational system

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