Patio Light Bulbs Strings

Oct 2nd
Images Patio Light Bulbs Strings
Images Patio Light Bulbs Strings

Patio Light Bulbs – You have been around long enough to know that patios are often designed with lighting fixtures particularly during special occasions. You have seen Christmas lights that come in various colors hung around the eaves by the patio or on the sides. These are what are more formally referred to as string lighting.

String lighting is actually one of the patio lights categories that you can choose from to decorate and illuminate your patio. Contrary to popular belief, these are not limited to simply a bunch of bare light bulbs attached to a long piece of wire on regular intervals. The fact remains that the lights are stringed on to a wire. However, these are never plain though it is available that way if you so decide. There are a number of different designs of string patio light bulbs that you can choose from. While some of this kind of lighting piece uses a specified color of bulbs, others can choose to have varied colors or combinations.

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Some people would like to keep it bare, where there is nothing that covers the bulbs. However, they do not simply use regular variety bulbs. Even string patio light bulbs have its own set of variations. Some are elongated while others are round. Novelty bulbs even come in other unconventional shapes that will add accent to your patio lights. Adversely, there are others that use coverings on each bulb. These often comes in the form of lanterns or other dangling pieces that covers the bulb yet is able to evenly distribute the light while complementing the design. The possibilities and the list goes on that you may eventually find yourself overwhelmed with the choices.

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