Popular Prehung Double Closet Doors

Dec 10th
Prehung Double Closet Doors Exterior
Prehung Double Closet Doors Exterior

Prehung double closet doors – Building a closet on the basis of a pre-hung door is one of the easiest ways to approach the construction of a new cabinet. The basic process involves the preparation of a wall around the structure of the prehung door. The additional cabinet space that can provide additional storage or can convert a loft, bonus room or studio in a bedroom. The Prehung Double Closet Doors makes it easier to build your picture and complete your wardrobe. Another advantage – you do not have to pay for a door in a custom size.

Build prehung double closet doors, Design your closet space. Use the stud finder to find the studs in your existing walls. You need to attach the wall frames to an existing bolt through the drywall, so this will help determine the size of your closet. Cut two pieces of wood 2 by 4 the length of each wall using a circular saw, and several support pieces vertically, or studs, so you have enough for them 16 inches apart space through the length of the plot. Measure your door housing for prehung door. Place wood frames. Key boxes in place on either side of each post along the floor and ceiling joists.

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Attach the drywall to the posts of both the interior and exterior of their frames wall with drywall screws sides. Seal the seams with drywall compound. Cover the screw holes with the compound. Let dry completely and then the soft sand. Paint the walls. Tack in sockets along the bottom of the cabinet walls. Install the sliding prehung double closet doors frame in the frame prehung created. Hang a closet rod in the closet with screws for mounting to the wall studs on each side.

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