Repair an Antique Mercury Glass Chandelier

Dec 8th
White Modern Kitchen with Mercury Glass Chandelier
White Modern Kitchen with Mercury Glass Chandelier

Mercury glass chandelier – A crystal chandelier old can be a dramatic focal point to any room. Unfortunately, the glass is very fragile. The lamp wiring may also malfunction and stop arms off light with spotlights. If you are having these problems with your lamp, no need to call a professional. You can easily rewire burned arms and repair of arms crystal chandelier in your own home. Repairing a burned arm. Turn off power at the circuit breaker. Remove the bulb and socket of the burned arm. Disconnect the cables from the outlet. Unscrew the cap.

Installing new cables twist at the ends of the old and securing wires with electrical tape. Like pulling old cables arm, pass the new cables at the ends to the arm. Remove the tape and turn the old cables. Unscrew the decorative cap and nut holding it in place. Separate cables in the burned arm cables from the main lamp.

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Connect the new wires mercury glass chandelier to the main cable. Les cover with a plastic connector. Replace the center nut and decorative cover. Screw the new plug. Add the sleeve cap and bulb. Restore power. Remove the ceiling lamp. Carefully place on a flat, stable surface. Trace the shape of an intact on the craft foam arm. Carve shape of the foam block.

Place your mercury glass chandelier arm broken in the foam. Place 1/2 inches from the end of the broken base. Draw a line of glue around and inside the base. Keep the arm above the foam, fit the broken edges. Wrap one end of the wire around the arm and the other end around the base to keep them firmly in place. Let the glue dry for at least 36 hours. Unroll the cable and return the lamp on the ceiling.

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